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White Plus One August

This month the colour is Silver Light.  Silver isn't a colour I have much of it seems so I did as much as I could find with some greys.
I started with a doily, an inked page from an old book, some pretty packaging that I punched the edges of and a journalling card.
I painted the title metallic silver and put dimensional magic on top.
A silver white butterfly and some pretty grey ribbon to finish.

Kraft + August

Usually I get a scrappy challenge done within a week of finding out what it is, but this month I was too busy get ready for Michelle's birthday party, so this comes a lot later in the month.
I flipped through some photo albums and found these older photos, from when Michelle was little and was finally old enough to help decorate the Christmas tree.
She was so good about helping pass decorations and even carefully put some on the tree herself.
She then started the tradition of being able to put the star on top of the tree.  It's a bit heavy and the top of the tree isn't the greatest, so after she put it on, Daddy had to help straighten it up a bit.  They both celebrated with a high 10!