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Kraft + June

Pink isn't my favourite colour, it's blue.  But over the last 8 years of scrapbooking, it's the colour I seem to use the most, as I have two girls and it's their favourite colour and it's a girly colour.
So naturally it's a colour I have a lot of in my stash and I figured I may as well go with pink for this challenge knowing I had lots to use.
As it turns out, by the end of the layout, I hadn't actually used as much pink as I thought I would but I do like the way it looks.
I chose photos of Chelsea this year at Easter.  She got to chose her Easter treat and she chose a pink pig called Truffles.  The photos show her first initial bite into it.
I had recently got the burlap and lace trim so wanted to use that, and the small flowers are also new.
I added more white almost than pink, maybe I was trying to contrast the pinkness of the photos!!

White with 1 June

This month's colour is Teal Sequins.  Teal isn't a colour that I have much of so I hunted through my drawers to see what I could find.
I found a bunch of photos from a time we all went to the Groynes together.  I had to take some out as they wouldn't all fit on one page, the ducks will have to go on a page another time!
I had 2/3 of a page with the teal circles so I cut them out and attached them.  The title is a bit more green that teal but fitted so well.
It's a fun colour to work with so I really should get some more.